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  • Should I consider you as my wedding photographer?
    Wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, especially to the newly wed couples. If you have no idea how to craft a timeline, I am more than happy to offer you my helping hand. With many year of experiences, I will make sure that your day will be your day, just like how you want it. I totally understand that there are various traditional rules to follow and you will be overwhemed by all the details that require your attention. Other than being your photographer, I will be your problem-solver and coordinator. I will help ensure that your day is align to what you want, captured as beautifully as you deserve. I will be your eyes on your day, so that you can focus and enjoy the joyous ceremony and trust that your photography is in extremely handed by a skillful hand. If it rains, if it your hair and makeup run late, if we stuck in traffic - i've got you, and your images will still be amazing. My job is to take great pictures for you, yes, but also to help remove all the stress and anxiety from your wedding so that you can enjoy it completely!
  • Do you work with a second photographer?
    Sometimes yes. I have been shooting weddings as a solo photographer for the past few years and have added several extraordinarily talented associate photographers to my team. They are great documentary photographers, and a great assets to the wedding day coverage when your day requires a second vantage point!
  • What is your pricing and where can i find it?
    I can totally understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask. My rates and packages aren't listed for public viewing for a variety of reasons. Firstly, rates and packages vary by location and number of days. Some cross-state wedding require travel, and some wedding dinner will host in a different day. I also create custom packages for many clients, which is something that i can absolutely do it for you! If you would like to obtain further package information for your wedding, feel free to fill up the contact form or reach me out via Whatsapp. I promise to respons ASAP, and i look forward to chatting further! Meanwhile, feel free to check out my previous works here
  • Where do you live and how far is your service coverage?
    I born in Ipoh, Perak and currently living in Kuala Lumpur. I've been all over Malaysia to photograph weddings, sometimes Singapore too! Travel is billed very simply - if airfare, hotel and rental car are needed, all your responsibility for is a direct reinbursement for the charges.
  • What is your deposit and when is the balance due? Can you hold the date for me?
    I am sorry that i cant hold the date for you without prior agreement or confirmation. To be fair to everyone, the booking will be placed based on first come first serve basis. 20% of your retaineer fees is required in order to secure the booking and the full payment can be done anytime before or on your wedding day.
  • Do you also provide videography service?
    Yes, we do. We have a team of talented videographer all the way from Penang and i am more than happy to offer you a bundled package if we are available for your date.
  • How many photos will we get?
    I deliver every single photo that i edit, but not every single photo that i take. On average, the final edited gallery for an 8-hour wedding day usually has 300 to 600 photos. The final image count depends on how much "action" happens on your wedding day, the number of formal portraits, schedule and etc.
  • Do you edit all of our photographs?
    Yes, rest assure that every image that you received has been edited with basic digital lighting adjustment.
  • When will we get the edited photographs?
    The turnaround time for the edited wedding gallery is around 4 - 6 weeks after the wedding day, depending on my current editing queue.
  • Do we get the copyright of the images?
    Copyright simply means that i am the creator of the images, and i "own" the copyright. I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. However, not to worry, you will have the ability to print and share your images as much as you like!
  • Will you watermarked our digital files?
    No, they are not. The high resolution files do not bear any watermarks.
  • Do you provide the RAW files, unedited files?"
    Unfortunately, no. The raw, unedited files are not included or typically delivered. This is very much like asking a chef to give you the leftover ingredient used to cook your meal. Each of my package comes with a series of full resolution images. In fact, i often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind. Any photos that are not edited or delivered are either redundant (exact duplicates) or outtakes like out of focus, test shots, unflattering images and etc
  • But, I'm a photographer and want to edit them..."
    If it is really important to you, and you really must have the raw, unedited files, then this would require (1) an additional fee of MYR2500 and (2) a signed non-disclosure agreement stating that you will not tie any of the images that you edited back to me or my photography business.
  • Do you keep our digital copies as back up and how long will you keep?
    Yes, I do! I will do my best to keep all the digital files as long as i can in case if you have lost the digital copies either due to many reasons, accidentally formated your harddrive or computer malfunctioning. However, 2 years of keeping the digital files is the longest duration i can guaranteed whereby the weddings longer than the said period will be deleted to recycle the space.
  • We want everything documented! Can we have more pictures?
    Please understand that the collection of images are vary based on various factors. For exmple, the length of the day, amount of coverage, number of activities covered in a day and etc. Every wedding is different and all are covered to my best ability, since each is a unique event and therefore each will result in a differing number of final images. if you're concerned about the coverage with single photographer, you can always add on a second shooter, or event a third photographer to document alongside myself, I can definitely work out a very good price for you.
  • What if you're ill or worse?
    This is a very good question. I have never missed a wedding for any reason. I take the responsibility of shooting your wedding very seriously and wouldnt just be absent without a very grave, and serious reason. If that were to happen, i will find you a replacement photographer at the same or better skill than i possess. The difference of cost will be on me, thats will be my problem, not yours. I promise that everything will be handled professionally and i hope we never have to execute this plan!
  • Why would we hire an out of town photographer to photograph our event / conference instead of someone local?
    You may consider it more convenient to hire a local photographer who is stationed nearby, but experience and talent should be more of a deciding factor than location. Reputation should also be taken into consideration as well, which i take pride in naming a few of my happy clients to you. My list of clients include businesses, associations and events across Malaysia such as DisruptHR, Womenwills, KMWE, Invest Selangor, Manulife and so on.
  • What kind of events do you cover?
    I provide a wide variety of corporate event or private functions including : - Conferences - Workshop / Seminar / Talk Show - Charity Run / Sports Activity - Launching Ceremony of new product or services - Annual Dinner - Award Giving Ceremony - High-Social Networking Event
  • What is your rate for corporate event photography?
    The rate is vary depending on the scope of the work - check my event portfolio here. Feel free to reach me out for more details. Basically, i will need to collect a few essential information from you in order to provide an accurate estimation of quote: 1. When and where is your event? 2. The duration of your event? 3. The number of manpower /shooter required? You will find the related filed to be filled up in this contact form. Alternatively, you may reach me out via Whatsapp too.
  • How do you handle photographs of high profile guests, speakers and VIPs?"
    High profile speakers and guests could be intimidating for some photographers, but not to me. I know how to cater to specials guest and will show up with highest level of professionalism.
  • Will you work with our marketing or social media team?
    Absolutely! I am more than happy to work with your team of Marketing or social media due to the most successful shoots inovlve comminicate with all of the department involved in the project by knowing the final objectives of the images.
  • How quickly will we get our images?
    Social Media is now an important part of any event to spread for awareness and i understand the importance of how your event will make an impact on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even linkedin. In order to accomodate the need of keeping up to date, I will identify the key photos from your fucntion or event shortly after the day has ended so you can use them across all social media platform and/or press release to showcase your event quickly. The full album of the digital copy will normally takes 1 week to process.
  • Do we own our images for commercial use?
    Ownership of the images from your event is determined on a case-by-case basis. You shall own the right to use the image for commercial or social media promotion meanwhile i will retain the right to feature some of the favourite images from your event to my website as one of my collection. As for some case when featuring the event photographs at my website may not be appropriate to share. For this particular reason, i am truely understand and am flexible on the ownership and the use of images.
  • How many photographers can you get for our event?
    Cliff, yes thats me, is the principle photographer and i do have manpower to cover mega events, especially those spanning seceral days with large scale of setup. During your in-person or over-the-phone consultation, i will discuss the specific details of your event and determine the number of shooters will be necessary to achieve the coverage that you're looking for. The maximum number of shooters that we have done is about 11 shooters for an event involving Royal Family of Malaysia.
  • Do you provide drone photography?
    Yes, we do provide drone photography for aerial shots for building or any kind of event that require drone photography service. Please bear in mind that drone photography is subject to the location without signal interefence.
  • What if you're ill or worse
    This is a very good question. I have never missed an event for any reason. I take the responsibility of shooting your event very seriously and wouldnt just be absent without a very grave, and serious reason. If that were to happen, as being a professional photographer in the community, i will find you a replacement photographer at the same or better skill than i possess. The difference of cost will be on me. I promise that everything will be handled professionally and i hope we never have to execute this plan!
  • What is your preferred age for newborn photography?
    For babies, anytime is a good time for a photoshooting! However, if you want to narrow down to the preferred age to have this session, i would say better to do it before baby is 2 week old for the high flexibility and sleepy enough to be positioned in those cute, curly poses. However, as for babies older than 2 weeks, you shall expect ANYTHING could happen due to some "older" babies are less likely to sleep during the session. That may not be as comfortable all scrunched up and just might not like certain poses. I will go through my standard workflow and if your baby is not having it, i move on. I will never force a baby into a pose that they don't seem happy with.
  • How long will this photoshooting session take?
    Posed newbown sessions can take anywhere easily from an hour to 4 hours, depending upon the session type and the baby's mood. You shall expect most of the time is spent feeding, soothing, changing diapers and sometimes cleaning the mess that happened when a diaper was off while settling baby into certain poses.
  • When should i schedule the session?
    I will always recommend to schedule your newborn session with me while you're still pregnant to ensure you dont miss your 2 week window. If your baby is already here, it is not too late, but again, please make sure that you understand that may not getting some of the poses is key.
  • Do you conduct the session over your studio or it will be done on-site (At Home)?
    Most of the session are done onsite (at your house) due to
  • What is your style of baby photographing?
    My style of photographing is highly depending on the age of the baby: For babies aged 1-4 weeks: The session will be conducted with Classic Newborn Photography approach. For babies aged 1-4 months: The session will be conducted with a mix of Classic Newborn Photography & Lifestyle Newborn Photography Approach. For babies aged more than 4 months: The session will be conducted with Lifestyle Newbown Photography approach.
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