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Cliff Ooi Photography


With more than 5 years experience in the domain of wedding photography, event photography and videography, Cliff has high reputation in the industry with his professionalism and passion in providing his clients extraordinary services and high quality photos and videos.  

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“Dear Cliff, thank you for your lovely photos which truly captured every moment of our Malaysian wedding day, and thank you for organising to get them to us so efficiently! We were grateful to be able to take the usb stick with us back to London on Friday evening and am enjoying looking through them.”​ —  Duncan & Chris, Kuala Lumpur

“My husband and I highly recommended him to be your future wedding photographer. Our photographer, Cliff. He was able to capture every single joyful, blissful and precious moments of our wedding. Absolutely no regrets! Keep it up! Moreover, he is a very friendly, responsible, helpful and patience photographer. He even help us out in settling the problems that we faced on the actual day and patiently answer every question that I asked before it. Truly appreciate and thankful that I found him as my wedding photographer.  Thumb up for! Last but not least thank you so much, Cliff! ”​ —  Han Xian & Pei Yin, Perak

"非常专业具有经验的一位年轻摄影师。拍摄手法很自然,完全符合要求。把我们的婚礼细节,都记录了在照片中。谢谢。Cliff 棒棒哒"  

Yen Er, Selangor

"If only I can insert another star or more, I would give a 6-star for Cliff! Great photography skill, attention to detail, spectacular service, he is humble, polite and willing to go extra length! My wedding wouldn't be complete without his amazing photography! Thanks BRO!" Albert Yong, Selangor

"I'm pretty glad the glitch that my previous photographer made had led me to Cliff.  Hired him for my newborn son shoot and it came out fantastic. He handles my baby really well and the pictures were amazing. If you do want to have a great photography experience, Cliff is your go to guy."  Priscelia Lee, Kuala Lumpur

"Cliff is very attentive, from replying Photography packages, to attire choosing, until photoshot actual day; he is very detailed in every particulars, trying his best to shot the best ankle of us. We are very satisfied with the photos’ outcome with reasonable price and we will be recommending Cliff to our friends and family. "Debbie Lee, Perak

"I really like the photos you've captured. You caught most of the beautiful expression! I love it." Shao, Kuala Lumpur

"Thank you so much to you and all of your team. You guys were simply awesome! I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I've had so many people come and tell me how great your works had delivered. Thank you once again for accommodating us! Sammy Lock & Gautam, Selangor

“The team were so professional and patient with us, captured every memorable moments of the wedding event! Going extra mile to ensure we loved the production, which we did! No regrets getting your photography services! Thank you sooo much!”​ —  Priscelia & Aaron, Kuala Lumpur

“Very professional and friendly. The wedding photo and video quality are superb. Recommended to all people for their professionalism and quality delivery. Me and my wife love it so much! Thanks a lot to Cliff, Ronald & Andy!!!!”​  Chee Yoong & Lai Mei, Perak

“感谢团队的专业拍摄,把我们的婚礼过程记录下来,然后我们收藏回忆,这两天的拍摄和你们相处得非常愉快. 再次地谢谢你们 !祝福你一切顺利 梦想成真, 加油哦~”​ — Mr Heah & Evon, Penang

“Thank you for the amazing works!!! Excellent job done... We loved the wedding photos and video. Your team is very professional & committed to your job. Best wedding photographer to look for to get your most memorable moment captured! Highly recommended!”​ — William & Pui Cheng, Kuala Lumpur

"My initial wedding photographer bailed on me 3 months before my actual wedding day. I found Cliff while searching thru the internet quite accidentally. But I’m very glad that happened! He is very patient, gentle, accommodating and totally professional. I had good feedback from my very close friends helping me on my wedding day as well as my family members. Cliff took the effort to find out the flow of event day and very thoughtfully took care to accommodate. I loved the overall feel of my photos which I know I will cherish for many years to come."  — Sheen Wei, Kuala Lumpur

"Thank you for capturing the joyful and blissful moments of our wedding. Our wedding day was made so much more memorable because of you. You guys did a good job!! Keep it up! Definitely will recommend to my friends who are getting married "Francis & Oicis, Perak

"I just want to say that you're the most professional and the best event photographer I've came across. Keep it up!" Joachim Ooi, Photobook Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

"Thanks a lot once again. I am absolutely delighted working with you and enjoyed your professionalism. You've made our live easier" — Plamen, Maslow Trainers & Consultants, Kuala Lumpur

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